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Up to 20 worth of Lyft credit on trips to and from the top 95 US airports. This year, Mzaar Ski Resort is hosting not one but two festivals at the same time: The Mzaar Summer Festival: from the 10th of August till the 15th, a place to sit back and enjoy good food with an impeccable ambiance filled with art, exhibitors. See the Zone locations in the image here.

Make sure to use the exclusive promo codes offered from Aug 10-15 to get 50 off 2 Uber rides: If youre riding to/from Agosto, your promo code is agosto Heading to the Mzaar Summer Festival? Rewards Terms and Conditions. This is particularly important as Uber tries to encourage locals to ditch the keys when enjoying a night out, to make roads safer. One redemption per household. Simply open the Uber app for directions to the Uber Zone closest to you (either Gate 1, 2, or 5). Mentorship hours with the Uber team. In March, Lyft announced their commitment to equal pay with an annual audit to confirm that there are no unexplained pay gaps based on gender or race at Lyft. one app works across all networks! It will mean more transport options on weekends, during peak tourist seasons and during major events, when its historically been hardest to get a safe and affordable ride home after a few drinks. Did you use my UberEats free meal promo code to get your first meal free? .