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trust score is 62 points. Lastly select the days this deal will be available for. Gallery ids"853374,853373,853372 the decision for Groupon to pursue the food industry in North America more aggressively somewhat mirrors a change at LivingSocial, one of its closest competitors in the heyday of the daily-deals frenzy. Clicking on the gear icon will bring up this dialog which enables you to modify or delete the current time slot. In this dialog you will be able to view a list of your current offers, click to modify them individually as well as add new offers. One or more slots created but no bookings made. The daily deals site announced. The service promises to be a homerun for businesses who need to fill up their restaurants and bars in quiet hours, but don't want to miss out on customers paying full price during busier periods. The platform cuts out the need to bring along a voucher or whip out Groupon mobile after a meal, since the discounted reservation is in the books.

This is the main calendar view. For some, the ability to book ahead of time may also help ensure that every deal that gets bought gets used. In addition to more mobile platforms, Groupon hopes to bring Reserve to additional cities in the.S. Related: What Happens When a Mall Is Split Between Two Minimum Wages? Theyre making it really easy for us to fill tables during off-peak times, which generates more revenue for the restaurant and gives us more opportunities to attract new customers and turn them into lifelong fans, Rick Bayless, owner of Frontera Grill in Chicago, said. With Groupon's new feature, timing is everything. To modify/create an availability first pick a start and end time, then select the deal this availability applies.

And international locations in the near future. You could also click on 'New Message' to send a message to your clients.