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Game Caring Potential : Sometimes, your troopers are just too darn adorable! They're obtained by defeating the Ace soldier in Susie's and Homer's skirmish missions. You will go to save your squad members when they're downed. Law of Inverse Recoil : The degree of steadiness with which Shocktroopers can hold the Ruhm beggars belief.

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Good Flaws, Bad Flaws : The negative potentials some characters have basically come in two varieties: mild annoyances (either frequent but minor, or infrequent and modest and those that render the character near useless. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Cezary tells Nadine to stay with him to be safe during a battle in the forest. The Right Hand: Selvaria Bles The General: Berthold Gregor The Guard: Giorgios Geld The Evil Counterpart : The Enemy Aces The Oddball: Radi Jaeger Stealth-Based Mission : The first operation of Chapter 8, where Welkin and Alicia must dodge Imperial troops and make. Thus, you're likely to find yourself up to your eyeballs in unspendable ducats by the mid-game, particularly if you play a lot of skirmishes for Level Grinding. Catch a Falling Star : Welkin and Alicia are rescued this way. Bottom left, Alicia, melchiott ; bottom right, Welkin, gunther ; above, Selvaria, bles. One-Man Army : Selvaria is very powerful even without her Valkyria powers.

Moi je nai rien contre les vegans. She could also have won the entire war on her own, if not for Alicia. And the fact that they can make shots from halfway across the map.