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the bag. The included Oreo and crepe charms arent really my taste. This kiwi juice fan will be a nice refreshment during hot days. Suprise Kawaii Mixed Bag. This soft small Nemuneko plush fits right into my crazy cat lady collection. Good luck to everyone! Kawaii Box from March. Im using it to hold my Pokemon Go accessories (small charger plus bracelet). It felt a bit like unpacking birthday presents, and I liked it how all the items seemed to fit into a fruity, summer theme. Lets check to see whats inside!

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This new version is sewn differently, making it less symmetrical, although the seed pattern is nicer now. The raffle will end on July 29 and the winner -who is chosen at random- will receive a free Suprise Kawaii Mix Bag from Blippo. Feel free to enter the gadget below! The jewelry stickers are always nice to have at hand for decorating. They are also known as lucky bags, because you might find a highly sought-after item inside. The tiny animal face purse is just perfect, very sturdy and lined with a soft fabric. Personally I prefer a window case, as you can easily swipe it, but this one does look super cute. You can use it for quick acces to a buss card or identity card and hang it from your bag. Suprise Kawaii Mix Bag Review, blippo -the maker of the kawaii box- has released a new item:. Blippo promises to include a random assortment of at least 15 cute and practical items. The animal spray bottle is perfect as a small water mister, especially for those hotter-than-hot summer days. If you werent a winner, you might want to read on and join this new giveaway.

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