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Fixed the Misery Acolyte missing Mods from their drop table. Fixed an error allowing Valkyr to pull player out of the extraction area as per: this thread Fixed an issue where ranking up some melee weapons could cause all challenge progress to become reset. Fixed an issue with certain SEA regions being unable to download the Update. Fixed an issue that allowed players to equip non-conclave weapons in conclave mode. Nart-Deer Pattern - A festive pattern for your Kubrow. Overall improvements to older tileset rooms, including graphical and lighting adjustments. Fixed some boss abilities still being able to hit Limbo when in the Rift via Rift Walk. Fixed an error causing no enemies to spawn in Wyrmius.

Fixed Conclave End of Mission menus displaying longer than necessary. Fixed being able to select and Continue Vors Prize quest in the Codex after completing. Fixed an issue where coupons would not immediately show up in the Market upon reception of a coupon as a login reward. Fixed an additional '00' appearing comment avoir un code promo pourles justaucorps moreau in Ivara's custom arrow HUD in Conclave. Static Alacrity (Staticor) - 50 Flight Speed, -50 Explosion Radius. Roosevelt spent that winter hunkered down at Sagamore Hill with his wife and their younger daughter, Ethel. Fixed Codex and Synthesis Scanner audio FX playing for entire squad, instead of just for the player using the Scanner. Fixed an error that would occur after the Itzal's drones would die. Convergence will always spawn moving towards an objective to help reduce unnecessary backtracking.