groupon la boissiere du dore

for 11 but one thing leads to another and that just didnt work out) We ended up leaving around 5 so its a long old day for the kids ( not to mention the. If youre into your photography then theres a pass for the next season up for grabs. I suspect the lion was the highlight of my day. Gratuit, codes promo, Bons de Rduction, gratuits, jeux bons dachats et autres.

Zoo de la Boissire du Dor which is about 30 40 minutes outside of Nantes. With today having been d-day yes thats right Ireland was Playing France in the Euros Id tried to do a little planning in advance so wed maybe be able to get home for the match. Though the Giraffe above is in a compound theres actually a wide open space for the various herbivores to wander in and its beautiful to see. Thankfully Victor isnt even two yet so it was free for him, not to mention the Groupon special. The central area also contains a small petting Zoo? Please remember to hold onto your ticket as youll need that to get back. For the second year for us its Groupon to the rescue. I took my camera and a zoom lens. 2 traditional ( as my mom used make them ) egg / mayo sandwiches later we were back in and ready. Last year saw us heading to Planete Sauvage which Ive got to say was pretty amazing ( I may make another post on that shortly ) This year we headed to the. Thankfully when you reach the central area with the restaurant its actually quick enough to get back out to the carpark.