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Securities nomad Goldman Sachs Registrar Equiniti Auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Solicitors Clifford Chance Directors Appointed Director Position Mark Andrew Wilson Chief Executive Officer Thomas Dawson Stoddard Chief Financial Officer rew David. 'I had a dream the boy from Temple Hills Maryland recently told ABC. Financials, activites, aviva plc provides life insurance, general insurance, health insurance and asset management to 33 million customers. Offer 482.60p, bid 482.50p, spread.02, today's trading, range 479.20p - 486.00p, volume.77m. Others: This 21-month-old boy from Mississippi named Kanon recently took believers by storm after his knack for preaching before his father's congregation. Hes the churchs newest addition, having been ordained as an evangelical minister last May by his mother and step-father. More similar in terms of youth, other tiny ministers speckle websites like, with recent four-year-old star Kanon Tipton seen handed a microphone by his parents in their Mississippi church when he was only 21-months old. Are you still Ezekiel in there? 'God has time for us to be children, and he has time for us to be adults Rev Gilbert told him, according to the Post. Shares Price (p) Value Buy Patricia Cross 2,017 Buy Belen Garcia,183 Dividend Reinvestment Mark Wilson 3,825 Dividend Reinvestment Patricia Cross,868 Dividend Reinvestment Tom Stoddard 10,327 Dividend Reinvestment Andy Briggs 2,556 Transfer In Mark Wilson 387,315 0 0 Sell Mark Wilson 272,434 494 1,345,824 Transfer. Published: 05:25 BST, Updated: 12:04 BST, 22, view comments, at the age of seven, Ezekiel Stoddard said he had a calling from God that led him to the pulpit.

'But he will still be taught the word of God still continually she said. Aviva's asset management business, Aviva Investors, provides asset management services to both Aviva and external clients, and currently manages over 340 billion in assets. One of the most famous child preachers was four-year-old Marjoe Gortner of Southern California who took Pentecostals by storm in the 1950s. Ezekiel, who says he writes his own sermons and is gifted by God in his ability to speak in tongue and heal the sick, is not the first preacher to gain attention under the age. Coming together even closer as a family, after students at Ezekiels middle school continuously teased and bullied him over his faith and preaching, he and his siblings were pulled out for home schooling instead. 'It doesn't matter the age that you can be licensed. Watch the videos here: Ezekiel's music: Sermon by Marjoe Cortner: Kanon Tipton preaching: Kanon preaching at 21-months old). Sector: Insurance 482.50p -4.00p (-0.82 last updated: 06:41pm 1 day chart 6 month chart, view interactive chart, today's buy and sell prices. Ezekiel's parents say they are getting paid from his preaching and the gospel music he performs but his mother tells ABC her son can stop at any time of his choosing. Today, at the age of 11, Ezekiel preaches and sings most Sundays before young and old alike at the Fullness of Time in Temple Hills where his parents are both pastors. Are you still Zeek in there?" he told ABC. 'A lot of grown-ups will look at me like I'm just a joke and I need to sit down he told the.