how to use discount code shopify

only percentage is accepted. Valid values: each : The discount is applied to each of the entitled items. Prerequisite_quantity defines the necessary 'buy' quantity and entitled_quantity the offered 'get' quantity. The entitled_collection_ids can be used only with: target_type set to line_item, target_selection set to entitled, allocation_method set to each and defined.

Caution Cannot be used in combination with prerequisite_subtotal_range, prerequisite_quantity_range or Endpoints post /admin/price_rules. You might also like: Learn to Build Apps for In-Person Sales Using Shopify's POS App SDK. NEW october 6, 2016 Some of you said it was not working every time. When the value of target_type is shipping_line, then this value must be each. Shipping_line : The price rule applies to the cart's shipping lines. Combining these conditions to create certain discounts (e.g. You can create custom rules that will be checked every time a user adds something to the cart.