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painters who used the Cirques Fernando and promo code sur farmskin Medrano, and their performers, as their subjects. Cirque Medrano in the arts edit Edgar Degas, the French Impressionist artist, painted Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando in 1879, now in the National Gallery in London. Although Louis's artistic direction proved quite successful, notably with popular revues written for his star clown, Gernimo Medrano (1849-1912 known as "Boum-Boum his financial management of the family's entreprise was often erratic. Circus entrepreneur Raoul Gibault leased the Medrano name rights from Jrme and Violette Medrano and, to this day, his Cirque Medrano-Raoul Gibault has toured France with a big top. Jrme Medrano had joined the French Resistance, and was not in a position to buy his circus back; the wealthy Bouglione family, owners of Paris's Cirque d'Hiver, bought the land and the walls from their rightful owners, the Saint family, paying them in gold! Fernand Lger painted Le Cirque Medrano (1918 which is in the collections of the Muse d'Art Moderne in Paris, and published a full album of drawings and paintings titled Cirque (1950 for which his sketched his subjects at the Cirque Medrano. Jrme Medrano, who was well educated, brought many innovations to his circus, notably theatrical lighting, and a refinement that was new to the circus. The Bougliones revived the circus for a couple of seasons under the name Cirque de Montmartre, but the magic was gone.

Later, Pablo Picasso made many study-sketches at the Cirque Medrano for his Pink Period series of acrobats. In 1928, Jrme Medrano reached his majority and, to Rodolphe Bonten's surprise, decided to take possession of his circus. When Berthe Medrano died of cancer in 1920, Rodolphe Bonten took over the full management of the circus, but the lease actually reverted to Jrme Medrano, who was only thirteen.

Medrano and, to this day, his Cirque. Pour toutes informations supplmentaires, achats de place, demande de partenariat, nhsitez pas contacter lquipe du Cirque. Today, he chairs the Arena Production Company which presents up to five circuses at the same time in his country: Medrano, Circus on the.

He had a considerable success there, which went far beyond the context of the fair. 9.Ian Jenkins- director of Entertainment Europa Park (Germany) ci Endresz Director and producer Blackpool Tower Circus (England). Medrano has also appeared in several French popular novels, in songs, and in films (notably during the German Occupation period). Cirque Fernando opened on June 25, 1875. When he was young, he fell in love with the circus, what drove him to be tour manager then head of press. This was the beginning of Cirque Medrano's golden age. The Cirque Medrano, Boulevard de Rochechouart (c.1898). During World War II and the German Occupation of France, the lease of the Cirque Medrano, which, since Fernando's bankruptcy, included the land as well as the walls, was put for sale. Ain Frere- MD, co-founder, at the request of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Artistic Advisor of the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo (Monaco) ter Dubinsky President Firebird Productions, Inc. In the late 19th century, the Parisian post-impressionist artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec also attended the Cirque Medrano and produced many drawing and pastels depicting its performances.