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that the discount codes we provide our readers are verified daily and guaranteed to work every time. All V2 cigs flavors ae available in five nicotine levels: 24mg (Strong 18mg (Unfiltered 12mg (Full 6mg (Light) and Zero (nicotine free). And last but not the least, they have superb customer service because they value their customers a lot. We also post promotional deals, and promo codes released to keep you updated, and you can be sure that youll have the lowest price of V2 starter kits, cartridges, E-liquids, accessories and disposables using our V2 cigs discount coupons. Its mainly made of two parts the battery (which heats up the liquid solution every time a user puffs) and the cartridges (which contains the liquid solution that will be heated and then become vapor). That means double the savings! E-liquid refills allow the consumers to just refill their cartridges instead of replacing it, making the price even more affordable (estimated 60cents each E-liquid which is equivalent to 1 pack of traditional cigarettes). V2 cigs disposable cigarettes lasts around 400-500 puffs which is estimated to equal two cigarette packs.

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