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the 'net: Marco Baringer's, slime video (150MB, 55 minutes). History slime is an Extension of slim, which was written by Eric Marsden in mid-2003. Slime is a Emacs mode for Common Lisp development. We have a manual (as pdf ) that explains what slime can do and how to use. The currently supported Common Lisp implementations are: CMU Common Lisp (cmucl steel Bank Common Lisp (sbcl). Luke Gorrie and Helmut Eller took over development to create slime as a traditional "open-source project." Since then the hacking has continued at a rapid pace as many more hackers joined the fray. Automatic macro indentation based on body. Mailing list The mailing list is used for all slime discussions. Any remaining html-conformance is solely due to Stephen Caldwell.

Feature highlights slime-mode : An Emacs minor-mode to enhance lisp-mode with: Code evaluation, compilation, and macroexpansion. Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote coupon reduc tion chausport an excellent tutorial for slime and CL-Music. The mailing list is also available via gmane as group vel both via a web interface and via the nntp server ane. To post messages to that list you must be subscribed. Symbol and package name completion. Yusuke Shinyama's slime on Linux (1.3MB). Repl : The Read-Eval-Print Loop top-level is written in Emacs Lisp for tighter integration with Emacs. A (hopefully) complete list of code contributors appears in the slime manual. Inspired by existing systems such Emacs Lisp and ilisp, we are working to create an environment for hacking Common Lisp. This is where to ask questions and generally participate in the development. Sldb : Common Lisp debugger with an Emacs-based user interface.

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Slime, logo, slime (The, superior, lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs ) ist eine freie Entwicklungsumgebung für Common Lisp basierend auf dem Emacs Editor.
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