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1,000kg. Power: 270 Structure: 63 Energy: -1 Mass: 144 Improved Cooler (Epic This harder-to-find cooler provides an expanded 150 cooldown rate. It has a 9,000kg mass limit and 4500kg tonnage. Power: 925 Structure: 320 Energy: -5 Mass: 585 Executioner 88m (Epic The Executioner fires armor piercing projectiles that explode after dealing 80 points of armor damage. Judge 76mm (Rare This canon's firing angle is rather limited, but the damage it deals is worth the trouble. Hazardous Generator (Rare power: 360. Power: 53 Structure: 100 Energy: N/A Mass: 300 Hardened Track (Rare Gives you 2,000 tonnage. Brake Light (Rare) Reputation: 2 Power: 11 Structure: 2 Mass: 2 Exhaust 2 Reputation: 2 Power: 11 Structure: 2 Mass: 2 Run You Fools Reputation: 2 Power: 11 Structure: 2 Mass: 2 Tail Light Reputation: 2 Power: 12 Structure: 3 Mass: 3 Spare Tire Reputation. Power: 220 Structure: 431 Energy: -1 Mass: 864 Radiators and Ammo Storage These pieces of hardware improve your firing rate and allow you to carry extra ammunition. Power: 555 Structure: 74 Energy: -3 Mass: 171 Caucasus (Epic The Caucasus machine gun automatically attacks enemies flower camping code promo that draw near your vehicle.

These cost 300 Coupons and give you a random item. Structure: 34, energy: 3, mass: 324, boosters. Melee Weapons Augur (Rare As you might expect from the look of it, this weapon causes damage on contact. Weapon Cooler (Rare This cooler's special feature is improving your weapon cooldown rate by 100. These guns still drain your energy, but they also become more powerful the longer you use them.