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of the resultant radiative forcing due to the direct effect of an aerosol is dependent on the albedo of the underlying surface, as this affects the net amount of radiation absorbed or scattered to space. The indirect effect (via the aerosol acting as cloud condensation nuclei, CCN, and thereby modifying the cloud properties -albedo and lifetime-) is more uncertain but is believed to be a cooling. Particle Distribution of particles. Ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate (both can be dry or in aqueous solution in the absence of ammonia, secondary compounds take an acidic form as sulfuric acid (liquid aerosol droplets) and nitric acid (atmospheric gas all of which may contribute to the health effects.

( 2) ACP (Africa, Caribean and Pacific Countries). This has the effect of suppressing precipitation, increasing the cloud lifetime, known as the cloud lifetime aerosol effect, second indirect effect or Albrecht effect. ( 2) ahia (asean Heads of Investment Agencies). "An Analysis of the Association Between.S. In the presence of ammonia, secondary aerosols often take the form of ammonium salts;.e. And Schwartz,., 2000. "Methodological issues in studies of air pollution and reproductive health".