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creation date entered in the registry will reflect the anticipated date of emissions reduction and will be amended as necessary to reflect the actual emissions reduction date. The Department will not issue a plan approval, or an operating permit, or allow continued operations under an existing permit or plan approval unless the applicant demonstrates that the following special requirements are met: (1) A new or modified facility subject to this subchapter shall comply. Coulson engage donc de nouvelles recrues pour combattre cet ennemi plus puissant que jamais, mais la tche n'est pas facile avec le Gnral Talbot leurs trousses. (e) Temporary operation will not be authorized or extended under this section which may circumvent the requirements of this chapter. For each month during the PAL effective period after the first 12 months of establishing a PAL, the owner or operator of the major facility shall show that the sum of the monthly emissions from each emissions unit under the PAL for the previous. Code 127.427 (relating to consideration of protest. (a) Compliance with the conditions of the permit shall be deemed in compliance with applicable requirements as of the date of permit issuance, if one of the following applies: (1) The applicable requirements are included and are specifically identified in the permit. (d) The Department may issue a plan approval for the construction of a new or modified facility which satisfies the offset requirements specified in 127.205(3) and (4) (relating to special permit requirements) under the following conditions: (1) The application for a plan approval demonstrates that the proposed. 127.706. Malgr les oprations, elle tait encore souffrante pour le tournage de la cinquime saison, qui a donc intgr la blessure au scnario.

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