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of any or all of the Licensor IP in any manner whatsoever, and nothing in this Agreement shall prevent or limit Licensor, its Affiliates, licensees or any other Person in privity with Licensor or its. In the event of any inconsistencies between (a) the terms of this Exhibit A and the terms of the main body of the Agreement, or (b) the terms of this Exhibit A and the terms of any Order, in each case, the terms of this. Supplier will cooperate with Motorola and other Motorola suppliers in good faith to resolve and defend an IP Claim against products or services similar to Certified Mods (including entering into joint defense arrangements). At Licensors discretion, Licensor (or third party entities on Licensors behalf) may purchase Certified Mods directly from Licensee for sale and distribution, including without limitation, (i) to carriers, retailers and/or other distributors for re-sale, (ii) for sale as a bundle (whether packaged and sold.

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Imports and Customs Licensee will comply with all import and customs laws, regulations and administrative determinations of the importing country. In addition to the Quality Assurance and Approvals requirements set forth in Schedule 2 of the main body of the Agreement, Supplier will maintain the highest code reduction la maison du jardin level of quality standards, which shall include registration and compliance with ISO-9001 and other certifications required by Motorola. Motorola shall have the same rights and remedies under this Exhibit with respect to any Certified Mod ordered by third party entities on Motorolas behalf as if Motorola purchased the Certified Mod directly from Supplier, and Motorolas rights and remedies are not affected by any. Licensee represents and warrants that the applicable Certified Mod does not include any Software not identified on Schedule 6 of the Launch Addendum. Its worked for me; Uh, I didnt know my license plate couldnt be hidden under my seat.